Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I get in touch?
2How do I pay by debit/credit card?
Simply follow the instructions on this site. Debit/Credit Card payments will automatically be taken through QPay. There will be a small administrative charge. To get your ticket in your pocket ready for scanning at the event, just visit Alternatively, you can download the QPay iPhone App or Android App, just search 'qpay' on your phone.
3How do I pay with my college bill?
If you are a member of Churchill College you can add the ticket charge to your Michaelmas Term Bill. Simply select the ‘College Account’ payment option on this website. You will receive a confirmation email at a later date confirming that your bill has been successfully processed. Thereafter, your E-Ticket will be valid.

To re-iterate, this option is available to Undergraduates and Postgraduates of Churchill College ONLY. This option is available up until 1st December 2017.
4I’m a guest. Where’s my ticket?
If your friend has bought you a ticket, all you'll need to do is register or login to QPay with your mobile number, and your paid ticket will be there waiting for you. You can do this online at or in the QPay iPhone / Android app.
5Can my ticket be refunded?
No refunds can be granted for Churchill Spring Ball tickets.
6Can I sell my ticket?
You can sell your ticket to another student through the QPay app. Prices are locked to prevent ticket touting. The name on the ticket will automatically be transferred to the new holder once payment has been made by the buyer. Alternatively, you can reach out to our ticketing officer at for support. This service is available until Monday 5th February 2018.
7What date do you stop selling tickets?
23.59 on Friday 9th February 2018. We have a fixed number of tickets available and may sell out before this date.
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